What is Ada coin (ADA)? How to buy and sell Ada coin?

The Cardano blockchain is being developed by a decentralized community of engineers, scientists, and business people. ADA, the native token of the Cardano blockchain, is an altcoin that is traded as a store of value and enables transactions within the network. Cardano provides a network in which decentralized financial applications can be developed and is positioned as a competitor to Ethereum. The Cardano blockchain, which offers a secure, fast, and interoperable structure, is referred to as the third-generation blockchain.

What is Ada coin (ADA)?

The simplest answer to what Cardano means can be given in the form of a secure and scalable blockchain as the third generation blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cardano, a network whose cornerstone was laid in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, one of the founders of Ethereum, moved to its mainnet in 2017. Ada Coin, the network's native token, is the cryptocurrency used in Cardano's development. Although Cardano was a developer's idea, many independent components were added to the project over time. Engineering firms, academic institutions, and think tanks have supported the development of Cardano. The Cardano Foundation is developing the Ada coin and the Cardano network, and the Foundation is working to popularize the use of the Ada coin and network.

When was the Ada coin released?

The Ada coin dates back to 2015. The Cardano blockchain went live in 2017, two years after software developer Charles Hoskinson, who is also one of the founders of Ethereum, began developing Cardano. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is defined as a 2nd generation blockchain that enables the development of various applications, while the Cardano network positions itself as a 3rd generation network that complements Ethereum's shortcomings. Ada Coin, the token of the Cardano network, to which many companies and institutions contribute during the development phase, is used in transactions on the Cardano network and trading on exchanges.

Who is the founder of Ada coin?

The founder of Ada Coin can be credited as Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson, who is also one of the founders of Ethereum, received support from various institutions and organizations and decentralized communities in the future. Platforms such as IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) and EMURGO developed the Cardano blockchain. Academic institutions, government agencies, and blockchain developers were all involved in the Cardano development process. The legal owner of the Cardano network, which issued the Ada coin, is the Cardano Foundation. Based in Switzerland, the Cardano Foundation and its community are working to spread the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

To which country does the Ada coin belong?

The legal owner of the Cardano Network is the Switzerland-based Cardano Foundation. In addition, the Cardano network, which was developed for all internet users worldwide, was developed as a decentralized network. While the Cardano Foundation is legally empowered to oversee the network and empower the community, independent developers, engineers, and business people worldwide are active in the Cardano ecosystem. Ada Coin, the native token of the Cardano blockchain, has been listed on many exchanges and accepted by crypto investors as a store of value as the platform expands.

What does Ada coin do?

The Cardano blockchain considers itself a third-generation blockchain network. This approach positions Cardano as a blockchain on which decentralized applications (DApps) are developed, like Ethereum. Scalability is at the top of the list regarding what sets Cardano apart from other blockchains. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, decentralized applications can be developed on Cardano at any scale. As a secure network with a multi-entity ledger and smart contracts structure, Cardano also offers interoperability. With this feature, Cardano is a network that can be used with different blockchains. Unlike Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus structure, Cardano is based on proof-of-stake, making Cardano a low-power blockchain. Ada Coin, Cardano's token, is a fast and secure network preferred for remittances and payments and as an investment vehicle.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ada coin

Cardano, the new generation blockchain, is one of the most important cryptocurrency projects with its innovative consensus structure and strong community of engineers, businessmen, and scientists. The advantages that Cardano offers can be listed as follows:

  • Cardano, a competitor to Ethereum, is a secure, scalable, and interoperable network.
  • Developers can develop DApps on the Cardano network.
  • Ada Coin, Cardano's native token with a broad scope of blockchain applications, can be used for cryptocurrency payments. Ada Coin holders can earn passive income without risk by locking their tokens. Ada Coin can be used in all applications and in-network transactions developed on the Cardano blockchain.
  • The Cardano roadmap includes a self-managed decentralized governance structure (DAO). In the DAO structure, token holders will have voting rights.

How is the Ada coin produced?

The mining algorithm for Ada coin production is based on the proof-of-stake model. While the proof-of-work model used in mining many cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, involves significant power consumption, the Cardano network offers proof-of-stake mining without requiring physical computer hardware. Anyone with a certain number of Ada coins can mine. Staking can also be done on centralized exchanges and DeFis to generate Ada coins. In staking, which offers passive income without risk, investing in cryptocurrency can earn interest income via annual returns (APR) on financial assets that are locked for a certain period.

How to buy an Ada coin?

Ada, the token of the Cardano network, can be purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Turkey. When opening an account on the exchange, account information for me must be entered in addition to personal data. It is possible to buy Ada coins in USDT pairs, pegged to the Turkish lira (TRY) or US dollar (USD) exchange rate. Ada, which can be traded to make profits on price increases and decreases, is listed on many major exchanges as it is one of the largest cryptocurrency projects in the world. A limit order can be used to buy Ada coins at a specific price, and the market order type can meet sellers' lowest price. Purchased Ada coins are held at the exchange wallet address, and deposits and withdrawals can also be made at different exchanges or wallets from the wallet address.

How to sell an Ada coin?

Ada coins' price charts and analytics are available on many financial platforms and exchanges. Altcoin can be traded on centralized exchanges and decentralized financial platforms (DeFi). To sell Ada coins, a limit order can be used to bid at a specific price on exchanges, and the market order type can meet the highest buyers' orders and make immediate sales. Ada coin is a cryptocurrency that can be traded in cryptocurrency pairs or pairs such as ADA /USDT and ADA /TRY. The value of the Ada coin is linked to the value of the overall cryptocurrency market, the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, interest in the Cardano blockchain and developments in the network also affect the value of the cryptocurrency. The ratio between the acquisition cost of the ADA and the selling price gives the profit.

Calculating Ada coin

In the Ada coin calculation, the current value of Cardano and the circulating supply give the market value data. With a circulating supply of $33.7 billion and a value of $0.95 as of April 2022, ADA has a market value of $33.2 billion. This value places the ADA among the top 10 cryptocurrency projects globally. For the ADA to be worth $10, its market capitalization must be $337 billion. The calculated maximum offering level of the ADA is 45 billion. Token supply or burning of circulating tokens affects the value of the cryptocurrency.

Ada coin Wallet

Wallets defined on centralized exchanges can be used to store Cardano (ADA). Cardano balances are updated instantly for purchases and sales and withdrawals and deposits. Ada coins can be stored in physically established cold wallets, web-based hot wallets, and centralized exchanges. The wallet address and network selection must be carefully entered for Ada coin transfers between exchanges and wallets. Cryptocurrency investors prefer wallets that facilitate Ada coin payments and transfers. For cold wallets, physical hardware wallets from brands like Trezor and Ledger may be preferred to store Ada coins. However, cold wallets' passwords and key information should be kept carefully. Otherwise, financial assets may be lost.